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Precision manufacturing with advanced technology

Al Yanabee Factory, one of the renowned trading factories for high quality plastic material. Our business ethics revolves around dealing with our customers and suppliers. Our team works with customers, ensure best customer support standard and understand their valued needs. We offer expert advice to choose excellent product quality from the process stage to finished product. We are committed to continuously innovate and provide new solutions, and overcome obstacles.


  • To be recognized as an international raw materials trading company.
  • To Be industry leader in delivering quality products and quality services and innovative solutions.


  • Our goal is to continually contribute to generation to come expanding our business and continue to deliver high quality product that exceed customer satisfaction.
  • We are committed to being a company that people can rely on when it comes to raw materials.


  • INTEGRITY – We follow the highest ethical standard
  • INNOVATION – Develop new solution in a fast-changing economy
  • SUSTAINABILITY – We create sustainable growth
  • HONESTY – We always do the right thing